BASKing in the Glory!

Each year the organisers of the annual conference of the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) receive more than a thousand proposals for presentations to the delegates.

But since the event only lasts two days that number has to be whittled down to a limited amount of speeches from the podium, posters placed around the conference hall walls and electronic presentations on screens.

As result a lot of research groups around the country are disappointed their work is not presented and many of the biggest hitters are happy to have just one podium and one poster accepted for the programme.

However, next month, when the BASK delegates together in Norwich for this year’s two-day conference the pioneering work we do here at the North Hampshire Hospital will be outlined in a total of 12 papers. It is a number which has been absolutely unheard of before.

The subjects vary but basically there are four different papers on the Osteotomy procedure and eight others on general knee ligament procedures.

To say we are immensely proud of this achievement and recognition of our pioneering work is rather an understatement; but we passionately believe that it is our responsibility to inform our community of what is now possible and this is the perfect forum.

Hampshire Knee – proud to be presenting 12 papers at the BASK conference in April.

Make a date at the BASK conference in April – Hampshire Knee will be on the Podium for 2 presentations.

Hampshire Knee are proud to have been selected to deliver 12 papers, including 2 podium presentations at this year’s BASK Conference. We are busy pushing forward the boundaries of knee surgery and want to share our experiences with you.


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