Finland gets a first-hand view of ‘All Inside’ ACL

Just how much knee surgeons around the world are going to enjoy using the new ‘All Inside’ ACL Reconstruction surgical technique was brought home to me on a recent visit to Finland.

I was invited there to a new cadaveric teaching facility in Tampere to give a presentation and live demonstration of the much less invasive way of treating knee ligament damage.

The start of the day was not too encouraging for me, as I was the only international speaker invited to address the delegates and my Finnish is a little limited!  I struggled to pronounce the course name – “Polvikirurgian Kurssi”!!

A very sceptical Finnish surgeon approached me early on and said he was not too sure of the effectiveness of the new ‘All Inside’ technique we are using for ACL reconstruction at Hampshire Knee

But after listening to my initial presentation on the subject he quickly changed his tune.  As I was preparing to go into theatre and perform a live ‘All Inside’ demonstration he told me he really liked the ideas and the new method and asked if I would join him for a case in the North of Finland and demonstrate the new technique to him!

The live surgery went very well and I am confident that many of the delegates will now start looking at doing the surgery the ‘All Inside’ way.


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