Osteotomy makes it to the Masters

At the BASK conference in April I will be having a meeting with the President Simon Donnell to outline plans to turn knee surgery into a new Master’s degree course for medical students.

The aim is to launch the first course at The University of East Anglia this autumn.

Among the subjects that it is intended to be included in the curriculum will be joint replacement, ligament surgery, patella and femoral procedures and Osteotomy.

And since, here at the North Hants Hospital, our knee team has been a leading team responsible for developing and refining the Osteotomy procedure I have been asked to champion that part of the course.

Master’s degrees in medical subjects are not new. They are already in existence for students wishing to pursue careers in specialised areas like breast reconstruction surgery, plastic surgery, colon-rectal surgery and anaesthetics.

But the course at East Anglia will be the first in the UK to be based around an orthopaedic subject.

Our commitment to the course will help us pass on our experiences and understanding and allow the orthopaedic surgeons of the future to consider wider alternatives when it comes to resolving knee problems.

Adrian goes back to University – Delivering a Masters module in Osteotomy

Delivering a Masters in Knee Surgery – Hampshire Knee support the new initiative at UEA

Hampshire Knee passionately believe in sharing their knowledge and experience with peers and those aspiring to involvement with knee surgery. We are delighted to have been asked to participate in a new Master’s degree course at UEA focusing on our skills in Osteotomy.


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