Spreading the word and raising awareness

Working at the frontier of knee surgery is not just about our team here at Basingstoke developing new procedures to help patients recover from their conditions.

A major part of our work involves liaising with manufacturers and other colleagues to design new and effective equipment for performing operations, solving the challenges that we encounter and pushing forward the boundaries of knee surgery.

Our work here, and around the world, has been perceived as something of a “black art” but recent articles in the popular press are helping make the public more aware of what we do.

Something which is even more important to us is that we introduce the new options and innovative techniques to consultants and doctors across the world so they can be offered to their patients .

I feel as though I have fallen into the role of an evangelist with my passion for ensuring that the exciting alternative procedures that we have helped develop are given the publicity they deserve. As 2013 comes to an end, my recent programme has included trips to the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Denmark and Finland to talk to knee surgeons, exchange information and give live demonstrations of techniques developed in conjunction with my peers.

As 2014 approaches there appears to be no slackening of the pace or the appetite for knowledge.

While there are now around 18,000 Osteotomies performed each year in Germany, in America the operation is only now being accepted as a major procedure with about 1,500 patients being treated annually. In Scandinavia Osteotomies are seldom undertaken.

These discrepancies are a legacy from the past; it is vital that through lectures, presentations and demonstrations we give the global community the confidence to consider alternatives when consulting with their patients on knee conditions.

My schedule for 2014 includes two significant conferences in Florida and Munich where I will be focused on delivering papers on our current research and developments.

In June, I am presenting at the key event of ArthroParis 2014 which, if it’s anything like ArthroLondon in 2012, will be attended by something in the region of 2,000 delegates from around 60 countries.

In November we will be hosting our own seventh anniversary conference on Osteotomy here in Basingstoke with an impressive speaker line-up that includes Holland’s Ronald Van Heerwarden and Polish specialist Konrad Slynarski amongst others.

This event should provide a superb and accessible opportunity for UK knee professionals and referring practitioners to get an up to date understanding of what is now available in this focused subject, and allow them to provide the best advice to their patients.


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