The Faculty Forum

A recent lecture trip to America left me feeling twin emotions of pride and amazement.


For the third year running I had been invited to give two talks and a live cadaveric demonstration to the Faculty Forum, a meeting of 2 to 3 hundred top American sports surgeons in Naples, Florida.

But it was the reaction to my demonstration showing the new Anterolateral Ligament reconstruction that staggered me.

The delegates had listened to Belgium’s Dr Steven Claes explaining the discovery of the new ligament a year ago, after which, on the Saturday morning they were able to watch my live demonstration of the procedure we have developed at Hampshire Knee.


Orthopaedic Surgeons generally are conservative and not known for reacting quickly to new developments.  They want first to see that techniques work and have the confidence that they do not involve issues of failure or complication.

But on the Monday, 48 hours after the demo the technique was being employed by the lead sports surgeons at the world famous Mayo Clinic. Similar meetings in Europe have led to many UK and European knee surgeons carrying out this straightforward, reproducible procedure.

It is getting news like this that makes my journeys to spread the word of about the work we doing in Basingstoke all the more worthwhile.


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