When it really does all go wrong – Multi Ligament Surgery

Severe knee trauma, usually as the result of a major accident, can lead to lengthy and involved surgery and recovery. When multiple ligaments are damaged the traditional approach is to fix them in “batches” fixing one ligament and then moving on to the next as a separate procedure.

Patients are in for the long haul and it can be an eternity before they are back on their feet.



Well that used to be the case!

Basingstoke is a centre of excellence for knee surgery and the knee surgeons specialise in complex multi knee ligament reconstructive surgery. In a normal week I

But even with my level of exposure and experience of the procedure I was recently presented with a challenge by one particular patient.would generally perform two operations where more than one ligament needs attention.

He had been involved in a terrible motorcycle accident resulting in him needing ACL and anterolateral ligament reconstruction in both knees; in addition the right knee also had damage to the medial ligament.

Under a traditional approach this incident would have inevitably resulted in a lengthy and involved series of reconstructive procedures with the patient having both knees braced for up to eight weeks.

His knees would have been held in a flexed position and then gradually straightened in the brace to try to allow them to heal under the right tensions.

Utilising techniques we have helped to pioneer at Basingstoke we approached this problem through the deployment of artificially supported ligament reconstructions which incorporate natural tissue and polyester tape to provide a more substantive and robust solution.

Using this process we were able and confident in performing all 5 ligament procedures in both knees during one session in the operating theatre.

Our patient was up and walking within a few days with the aid of crutches as one of the advantages of this procedure is that there is no need for the use of braces.
Five weeks later he was pain free, had discarded his crutches and able to walk to work.

The multi ligament surgery saves time in surgery, time in recovery, reduces risk of future problems and provides a high level of patient satisfaction.


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